The Story

The Life and Death of Tommy Chaos and Stacey Danger tells the tale of a romantic adventure

Think Blue Valentine meets Jurassic Park.

Dinosaurs have invaded Earth but neither Tommy nor Stacey care anymore, now that they’ve met each other. They escape the war, but whether they dive to the bottom of the ocean or fly to Outer Space, conflict always seems to find a way into their lives.

The Vision

We go to the movies not to just escape, but to confront the dreams and desires that haunt and inspire us.

Chaos and Danger is about what love feels like:
an incredible Adventure.

Through the literal and symbolic ups and downs, Stacey and Tommy fight the idea that maybe they just weren’t made for each other.

For the production, we built a trench, a spaceship, and a submarine all inside a studio. By combining old school visual effects, puppetry and a cut-out DIY aesthetic, an extremely unique mix of live-action and animation has been used to achieve a distinct look that sets us apart from other films.

The Director

Michael Lukk Litwak

spent his youth making mischief in Los Angeles, California. He graduated early from high school and escaped to New York City where he enrolled in the Film and TV program at NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts.

As a Freshman he founded The Tisch 48-Hour Film Festival and shot a short documentary in Todos Santos, Guatemala. As a sophomore he built a miniature floating city for The Glue King & His Castle and was the cinematographer on short documentary that filmed in Todos Santos, Guatemala.

He then flew to Prague in the Czech Republic to study at the prestigious Film Academy (FAMU) where he proceeded to hang off the side of a speeding garbage truck to film French Quesadillas, which landed an official selection at the Seattle International Film Festival and Palm Springs International Shortsfest, in addition to film festivals across the US.

After living in Madrid for a semester, Michael returned to New York City to build a giant glowing cardboard spaceship in his basement for Interstellar Intercourse: A Space-Sex Odyssey. Interstellar clinched the Audience Award at Tisch 48 - 2012, was an Official Selection at Raindance 2012, and continues to play the festival circut.

He has plans to conquer the world as soon as he figures out how to turn his surplus of compassion and empathy into some sort of explosive chainsaw laser.



Born to a Venezuelan mother and German father, Jean-Claude was raised around the world and settled in Spain. He started working as an amateur graphic designer and retouching artist, freelancing with different companies and private clients until he finally found his calling as a producer and visual effects artist. He’s made films on more than four continents and enjoys exploring the merging of cultures through diverse stories.



is a New York born and raised music producer,writer,mixer and film composer based out of his studio in Los Angeles, California.

Dan has produced albums for an array of exciting artists such as Ingrid Michaelson, Jenny Owen Youngs, Ian Axel, He Is We, April Smith, Lelia Broussard, Cara Salimando and Jukebox The Ghost.

In addition to his prolific production work, Dan is an accomplished film composer having scored two award winning short films 'Death To The Tinman' & 'Glory At Sea' as well as 'Beasts of The Southern Wild' - his first feature film which was winner of the Grand Jury prize at Sundance as well as the Camera d'Or award at Cannes 2012.



is a New York City based cinematographer and fellow graduate of Tisch School of the Arts. He has a history and reputation of creating dynamic, stunning imagery influenced by a diversity of mediums and personal experiences. He’s shot commercials, music videos, and recently wrapped Principle Photography on his first feature, shot on location in Virginia last Spring. Budgets shrink and grow, but good filmmaking comes down to strong ideas and powerful execution, a motto that he strives to keep in mind.



A born and raised New Yorker, Taylor Shung is a fellow graduate of NYU’s Tisch School of The Arts. In the last four years, she’s built robots and constructed dungeons, in the forest and the subway. She worked in the art department for Todd Solondz’s recent feature Dark Horse and brings her unique and keen sense of aesthetics to every project he works on.

This is her fourth time working with Michael, as she was previously the cinematographer and production designer for French Quesadillas and the producer of Interstellar Intercourse, in addition to collaborating on other projects.


July 2012

Finalize Principle Crew
Stop-Motion Animation Pre-Production
Build Kickstarter
Build Pitchbook
Build Website

August 2012

Launch Kickstarter – $9,800
Begin Casting
Begin Production Design Prep
Begin VFX Prep

September 2012

NYU Pitch
Finalize Casting

October 2012

Lighting Plans
22th-24th : Set Construction (3 days)
25th-29th : Principle Photography (5 days)
Begin Post-Production

December 2012

Rough Cut
Complete MIDI Soundtrack

February 2013

Picture Lock
MIDI soundtrack
Begin secondary Animation

June 2013

Complete VFX/Animation
Begin Sound Design
Begin Color Correction

July 2013

Finish Sound Design
Finish Color Correction

August 2013

Begin Festival Submission Process

Behind the Scenes